Flint’s Freeman Elementary introduces staff Wellness Room
March 9, 2022

Flint’s Freeman Elementary School is working to promote wellness in it’s teachers by created a room dedicated to relaxation.

Massage Chairs, hot towels, and soothing sounds are just a few things found in the new staff Wellness room.

“This is our opportunity to get a second wind and take on the afternoon and be ready for our kids so they can have our best,” said 5th and 6th grade teacher, Kathy Savoie.

Teachers and support staff at Freeman Elementary will be able to use the room to recharge during the day.

“We were able to find an area in the building where we could at least create a corner space that they can call their own. To help them ultimately relax, recharge and refocus,” said Freeman Elementary Community School Director Jordan Munerlyn.

Because teacher Shelbi Redmond says sometimes, they need to be reminded that it’s okay to take a moment for themselves.

“It’s nice to be reminded to be mindful. We want to make phone calls at lunch and run copies at lunch. It’s nice to remember there is somewhere to go, I don’t need to go and do all of that right now. I need to be reminded to take a break,” said Redmond.

As the pandemic continues, teacher Kathy Savoie says seeing this is a nice reminder that they are appreciated for the hard work being done.

“At a time where teachers are kind of getting kicked around a bit, we feel like were valued, so we appreciate that,” said Savoie.

According to administrators, while it can be used during lunch breaks, this room isn’t only for that time of the day.

If a staff member needs to step away and get someone else to handle their class room for a moment, they can take a mental break in the Wellness Room to decompress from a situation.


By: Mallory Pearson  | WJRT