Risk Management Services

Middle Cities Risk Management Services provides property/casualty coverage and group workers’ compensation coverage to members. In addition, Middle Cities Risk Management Services also provides loss control, safety training, and risk management advice to participants.

The Middle Cities Risk Management Trust was created in 1987 by 20 Middle Cities members who banded together to control their own destiny by forming a group self-insurance property/casualty pool. The Trust’s mission: Better Education through Risk Management reflects its primary goal to provide members with the best property/casualty coverage at the lowest cost, protecting resources for students.

The Trust has 26 members including 19 public school districts, two community colleges, four public libraries, and one charter school. The Trust provides coverages for its members including Property, General Liability, Auto, Errors and Omissions, Employment Practices, Cyber, and Pollution. The Trust has returned over $37 million in surplus to its members since its inception.

The Middle Cities Workers’ Compensation Group provides cost competitive workers’ compensation coverage to participants through a group purchase program.

Group members receive state of the industry loss-control, risk management services and a Return to Work program. There is potential for future dividends based on the Group’s performance. The Group is run for and by the members.


Ryan McLeod, EdD
Director and Chief Operating Officer Middle Cities Risk Management Services

826 Municipal Way
Lansing, MI 48917