Increasing diversity in literature during Black History Month
February 1, 2023

In celebration of Black History Month, the Michigan Department of Education and Library of Michigan are showcasing Black literature throughout February for K-12 educators and students with a calendar featuring important works by Black authors.

“We are highlighting the literary works of Black authors during Black History Month as part of our ongoing efforts to increase diversity in literature in our schools,” said State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice. “This celebration is aimed at helping educators create learning environments and experiences that deliver high-quality literacy instruction to all students, including those from low-income, economically disadvantaged families.”

The Week One calendar showcases an author, one of the author’s works, suggested grade level of instruction, and suggestions for incorporating the literary work into the classroom curriculum.

The authors were selected from nominations submitted by current and former Michigan Teachers of the Year and Regional Teachers of the Year, and educators at the Michigan Department of Education.

“Libraries across Michigan will be observing Black History Month in February,” said State Librarian Randy Riley. “Michigan’s librarians are committed to building collections that recognize and celebrate all aspects of the communities they serve. As we celebrate Black History Month, literature from Black authors showcases the creativity and richness of their writing and provides insight into the history, culture, and importance of the African American experience.”

Additional MDE resources include: