Lansing School District Awarded $25M to Support Teacher Development
October 26, 2021

The Lansing School District received a $25 million multi-year federal grant to support teacher development and leadership.

The district is one of only 22 to receive the grant from the US Department of Education. In total, Lansing School District will receive $25,471,661 between 2021 and 2024.

The Lansing School District project is titled “Rewarding Educator Achievement and Performance” (REAP 2.0) and this new grant is similar to funding received by the school district in 2017. The goal of the program is to improve student achievement by increasing student access to effective educators in all schools, according to a release sent to News 10.

“This federal grant is really great news for the Lansing School District,” said Superintendent Ben Shuldiner. “We have been successful in securing federal funds in the past, but this multi-year new grant lets us take teacher training and leadership development to a whole new higher level. Ultimately, our goal is to include a variety of strategies to focus on improving student achievement and success.”


By Jake Vigna  |